Grayscale // Dublin

Grayscale Presents: The Waters Will Rise Slowly

Saturday, November 25th, 2017, 10pm

The Waters Will Rise Slowly is presented by Grayscale as part of Dublin Gallery Weekend. Taking place over the four floors of Dublin’s Temple Bar Galleries and Studios, the night will encompass smoke, light, and plant installations alongside music which links the intimate, the atmospheric, and the ecstatic.

Sound //

Light //
Lilian Duthop
Steve MacD
Tim Redfern

Installation //
Breffni Mcgeough
Lewis Byrne
Kev Freeney

Audio //
Richie Allendon

The Waters Will Rise Slowly is a BYOB event.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided on the night by Whiplash Brewing Company.

Pay what you want on the door: contributions welcome.


An estuarial lagoon is the place where fresh and salt waters meet and mix
It is a fragile meeting and mixing not having the constancy of the oceans or the rivers
it is a collaborative adventure its existence is always at risk…
Life in the rivers the lakes and the oceans where the properties of water are more constant is less stressful
But life in the lagoons is very special it has evolved high tolerance to the stresses that come about from sudden changes in salt and fresh water and temperature and available food for the life web
Life is in the lagoons is tough and very rich it breeds quickly
Like all of us it must improvise its existence very creatively with the materials at hand but the
materials keep changing
Only the improvisation remains constant….
— Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison, The Lagoon Cycle


We think of the boundary where land becomes water becomes land again. The boundary where sound becomes light becomes air becomes rain, soil, roots, starts again. We think of places where all maps are temporary, and paths must be improvised. To wander in places like these is to ask, What is possible? Where are we, and where can we go from here?

Drawing on the work and ideas of environmental artists Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, The Waters Will Rise Slowly is an event without a centre. We encourage you to wander, to find your own path.</p>


the waters will rise slowly
at the boundary
at the edge
redrawing that boundary
moment by moment
all over
all at once

it is a graceful redrawing
and redrawing
this response
to the millenia of the making of life