Grayscale // Dublin

Grayscale + Hidden Agenda Present: The Shape of Dublin to Come, with Lorenzo Senni (Warp)

Lorenzo Senni

Lorenzo Senni (Warp)
Support from: ELLLL + CLU
The Button Factory - February 3rd, 2018
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Do it Differently.
Fly on Your Own Wings.
Rave Voyeurism is Not a Crime

Since the release of his 2012 album, Quantum Jelly, Lorenzo Senni has been developing a unique – and increasingly personal – take on the euphoric tropes of classic trance. His approach has culminated in two releases on the legendary Warp label: 2016’s widely-acclaimed Persona, and ‘The Shape of Trance to Come’, one of Mixmag’s Top 10 Tracks of 2017.

Forget the big drums and the bigger drops — Senni’s music is a postmodern fugue, an assemblage of divine melodies wrapped propulsively around and through each other. Tight repetitions of clustered notes rise into neon clouds of widescreen musical bliss, by turns exhilarating and melancholy, sugar-coated and sublime. It’s not nostalgic, and it’s not ironic; it’s a genuine push for connection, a casting off of inhibitions, a call-to-arms for lovers and dancers both.

Senni grew up playing guitar and drums in hardcore punk bands, but eventually turned his talents to the Roland JP8000 synthesiser and the glistening arpeggios of trace. It’s here, in this often saccharine, often disregarded sound, that Senni has refined his singular voice, pioneering a totally fresh way of hearing some of the most familiar sounds in dance music history.

While his earliest experiments with trance were somewhat clinical, rigid even, Persona marked the emergence of a looser, wilder, more intuitive aspect in Senni’s work. The sound of Persona, developed even further in ‘The Shape of Trance to Come’, is gloriously multifaceted - surging forward with luminous patterns before folding back in on itself, exposing a more vulnerable,emotional side.

It’s music which wants to incorporate all the many emotions of the club within itself, bouncing from one to the other in a joyful, laser-splattered blitz.

‘Rave Voyeur’ – “generates precise and everlasting fugues with the drop removed and euphoria deferred.”
— (NPR)

‘The Shape of Trance to Come’ – “a euphoric, trance-inducing helium rush”
— (Mixmag, Top 10 tracks of the 2017)

‘The Shape of Lorenzo to Come’ A Lorenzo Senni special mix — “A Rave-Voyeuristic journey into the Pointillistic-side of all my different influences and musicality.”