Grayscale Presents: The Water Will Rise Slowly

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 | 10pm

The Waters Will Rise Slowly is presented by Grayscale as part of Dublin Gallery Weekend. Taking place over the four floors of Dublin's Temple Bar Galleries and Studios, the night will encompass smoke, light, and plant installations alongside music which links the intimate, the atmospheric, and the ecstatic.

Sound //

Light //
Lilian Duthop
Steve MacD
Tim Redfern

Installation //
Breffni Mcgeough
Lewis Byrne
Kev Freeney

Audio //
Richie Allendon

The Waters Will Rise Slowly is a BYOB event.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided on the night by Whiplash Brewing Company.

Pay what you want on the door: contributions welcome.


An estuarial lagoon is the place where fresh and salt waters meet and mix
It is a fragile meeting and mixing not having the constancy of the oceans or the rivers
it is a collaborative adventure its existence is always at risk...
Life in the rivers the lakes and the oceans where the properties of water are more constant is less stressful
But life in the lagoons is very special it has evolved high tolerance to the stresses that come about from sudden changes in salt and fresh water and temperature and available food for the life web
Life is in the lagoons is tough and very rich it breeds quickly
Like all of us it must improvise its existence very creatively with the materials at hand but the
materials keep changing
Only the improvisation remains constant....
— Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison, The Lagoon Cycle


We think of the boundary where land becomes water becomes land again. The boundary where sound becomes light becomes air becomes rain, soil, roots, starts again. We think of places where all maps are temporary, and paths must be improvised. To wander in places like these is to ask, What is possible? Where are we, and where can we go from here?

Drawing on the work and ideas of environmental artists Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, The Waters Will Rise Slowly is an event without a centre. We encourage you to wander, to find your own path.


the waters will rise slowly
at the boundary
at the edge
redrawing that boundary
moment by moment
all over
all at once

it is a graceful redrawing
and redrawing
this response
to the millenia of the making of life

Grayscale Wood Quay

Audio: Damo Lynch, R. Kitt
Visuals: Kevin Freeney, Dillon O'Sullivan

Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 2. October 27th.


Grayscale is a new series of events that aims to highlight audio-visual art in Ireland. The second event is part of Dublin Design Week and will take place on the 27th of October in the Wood Quay Venue, an imaginative and exciting development which houses the City Wall Space. This is a spectacular state-of-the-art performance space featuring a stretch of the original Hiberno Norse (Viking) City Wall dating from 1100AD.

Performances on the night by:

Damien Lynch

Hailing from the foothills of the Wicklow mountains the mysterious Damien Lynch [Diamond Dagger] will be performing his ESP institute releases of atmospheric and futuristic house journeys. Expect a hardware-heavy display of “melodically enhanced jams that brim with analogue warmth and daft production”.


r.kitt is a DJ and producer from Dublin. His productions are awash deep, richly complex melodies. Melody is the central figure of his musical expression but the tracks he makes still have clear nods to the classic sounds of early Chicago house productions. His music is about 2 things, emotion and dancing. On the dancefloor, feeling inspires movement and movement expresses and inspires feeling. He wants his productions to help you get lost in that beautiful circular experience. Recently, he released his debut EP on Pear Records, a new sub label off of All City Records with loads more records to come in the new year.

Visual and lighting installations by:

Kevin Freeney

Kevin's work focuses on the moving image. Kevin is a Creative Director at Algorithm and a founding member of not-for-profit community, Grayscale. At the Wood Quay Venue, Kevin will be crating custom video content and projection mapping paty of the preserved Dublin City Wall from 1100AD.

Dillon O'Sullivan

Dillon is a motion designer, creative coder and visual artist taht has been part of Algorithm Studios fo rthe last two years. Dylan will be using a custom java code and UI to control the lights for the duration of the show.


Grayscale was founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing together the most exciting contemporary music and visual art in a series of one-off events in interesting spaces around Dublin. Each unique event fosters collaborations between artists from these different disciplines, and allows them to present their work to the very highest standard.


Since his first single dropped in 2010, Miles Mitchell has been pushing against the boundaries of what’s possible in grime. As an instrumental producer and DJ, Mitchell has helped redefine grime as something more than the central figure of the MC. Rather than filling the vacuum left by the absence of a vocalist, the music plays with negative space, a sense of weightlessness which sometimes spills into the euphoric.

Devout, his second album for legendary electronic label Planet Mu, is about to appear. It’s a step in a new direction for Mitchell, featuring a host of collaborators and, for the first time, his own vocals. It’s a soft album, a late-night headphone listen, that tackles the theme of fatherhood in a major way. Whether you could still call it a grime album is almost irrelevant – Devout is something new, something still undefined. More than anything, it’s the sound of a musician growing more comfortable with his own story and his own sound.

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